The Greatest Venue Yet for the 2017 AADA National Dealer Convention & Expo!


The AADA National Dealer Convention returns to Sydney in 2017 for what will be the biggest and best Convention in our history.

As your industry association, AADA does a power of work behind the scenes advocating for Dealers’ interests with governments and regulators. Having a strong association is crucial to the future success of our industry, and a well-attended Convention is a major component of that.

AADA does its best to keep Dealers informed of our projects and priorities, but the Convention represents the best means of coming face-to-face and engaging in a two-way dialogue that conveys our message while listening to your needs.
It is a wonderful opportunity to come together with your peers and inform yourself and your staff about everything going on in our industry.

For the 2017 AADA National Dealer Convention and Expo we have chosen the theme ‘Advancing Innovation, Technology and Engagement’, because we see these as pillars of our industry, both right now and into the future.

Car manufacturers are innovating technology, driving the development of electrical and autonomous vehicles. Ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft are changing the way people relate to and use motor vehicles. Governments are trying to keep pace with it all. And then there are the car Dealers. They are the ones who must engage on all sides: with manufacturers experimenting with new technology; for customers to ensure we are helping them get what they want from this brave new world; and with governments so they are abreast of planning and legislative developments likely to impact their business models.

To this end we have developed a three-track program of workshops, featured guests, keynote speakers and policy sessions to comprehensively cover the myriad of issues and challenges facing Dealers now and into the future.

We couldn’t be more excited about this year’s program. Join us in Sydney at AADA 2017.

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